Principal Publications


A. Ilangovan, CWM. Kay, S Roier, H. El Mkami, E. Salvadori, EL. Zechner, G Zanetti, G.Waksman (2017). Cryo-

EM structure of a relaxase reveals the molecular basis of DNA unwinding during bacterial conjugation. Cell.

169 (4): 708–721.e12


TR. Costa, A. Ilangovan, M. Ukleja, A. Redzej, JM. Santini, TK. Smith, EH. Egelman, G. Waksman (2016).

Structure of the Bacterial Sex F Pilus Reveals an Assembly of a Stoichiometric Protein-Phospholipid Complex.

Cell. 166(6):1436-1444.e10


M. Hospenthal, A. Redzej, K. Dodson, M. Ukleja, B. Frenz, C. Rodrigues, S. Hultgren, F. DiMaio, E. Egelman

and G. Waksman (2016). Structure of a Chaperone-Usher Pilus Reveals the Molecular Basis of Rod Uncoiling.

Cell. 164:269-278.

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